Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Great Outdoor Websites

Spring is here! And I am starting to get that summer itch. I want to go fishing, hiking, camping, or anything just as long as I'm outside do something. But since the fish aren’t running and there is still snow on most of my favorite trails, I still have a couple of weeks before I can really do anything. So instead of doing something, I do the next best thing, plan something. So here are thirteen website I love to visit when I can’t actually do anything . . . yet.
  1. Alaska Outdoor Journal. This is a great site for update fishing reports and tips for Southcentral Alaska. They are still in ice fishing mode but that should change any day now. It also has claming, hunting, and gold panning information.

  2. Alaska Fly Fishing Online. If you are an Alaskan fly fisher, or want to be, this is the site for you. I visit this more in the winter when the only fishing activity I can do is tie flies.

  3. Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Sport Fishing Division. A must visit page to see fishing forecasts, tips, and updated regulations. On top of it you can buy your annual license online.

  4. Alaska Hike Search. This is the best list and review of hiking trails in Southcentral Alaska. It has detail descriptions, photos, and maps.

  5. Trails of Anchorage. This is great for those day trips with kids. It covers a lot of trails around Anchorage. There are some that might surprise even the Sourdoughs around here.

  6. Alaska Trail Head. Another resource for finding trails around Alaska.

  7. Alaska Department of Natural Resources’ Park and Rec Site. This has a wealth of information. You can find cabins, parks, trials, campground for state lands. You can also get season permits or make reservations. It also has a lot of cool information and photos.

  8. Chugach National Forest: This has everything you need to know about playing in this national forest, which covers most of Southcentral.

  9. Kenai Fjords National Park: For those of us who pine for the fjords.

  10. Denali National Park. Just as soon as my little hiking buddies are big enough (more of that planning) I will do a true back-country hike through the Denali.

  11. Outdoor Action. A great place to brush up on all your outdoor wilderness and survival skills. Remember this is Alaska.

  12. REI. All the gear you could want. Really, do I need to say more?

  13. Wal-Mart. All the gear you can afford. No really, they got great prices.

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