Monday, April 30, 2007

Heart Run 2007

Saturday was the annual Heart Run. It is a 5K run sponsored by the American Heart Association and helps raise money to fight heart diseases. This is our second year participating. We have had so much fun, that it is quickly becoming a family tradition.

So Saturday morning we piled all five kids and the jogging stroller in the car and headed out to the race. We had to park at Providence Hospital and walk the half mile over to the starting area. We were glad we got there early so we had plenty of time to take a detour and climb all over the UAA art building’s sculpture. You have got to love modern art that seconds as a really cool jungle gym.

Since we got to the start area around 9 AM and the non-competitive event didn’t start until 10 AM we walked around sampling all the booths. Our favorite was the Great Harvest Bread Company’s booth. William was first in line, bouncing up and down with excitement, waiting for the ladies to open up shop. Their cinnamon chip bread really is that good.

After start of the competitive event started we headed over to the starting area. They announced that over 6,500 people were participating year. It seemed like most of them were in the non-competitive event with us. We hung out in the back with the rest of the strollers. Rebecca was carrying Xianli in her baby sling while pushing Ben and Tim. I was assigned William and Gwenna. This didn’t seem fair at the time, but Rebecca insisted. She said someone needed to run ahead with those two. While waiting a reported from the Anchorage Daily News came by and interviewed Rebecca for about five minutes. I think he was just awed by the five kids. In the end we didn’t make the cut for the article.

At 10 AM the horn sound and with a cheer from the crowd the race started. Ten minutes later we crossed the starting line. It was pretty slow going at first then the competitive spirit hit and Will and Gwen decided to take off. Their little bodies were quickly dodging and weaving through the crowds of people. Then I started earning my keep. Rebecca was right; it was all I could do to keep up with them while not knocking anyone over.

Once things thinned out they really took off. I was impressed at their stamina. Then Gwenna at the three quarter mile mark wanted to be carried. So I tossed her on my back and trotted ahead to keep up with William. I ended up carrying her on and off for about half the race. Most of the time I carried her after one of her several falls so she could recoup. William stayed ahead of us by about 100 feet or so, always slowing down to stay in sight of us. At the last corner, he slowed down to wait for us when we passed him on the other side. We lost sight of him and crossed the finish line just ahead of him.

Gwenna, William, and I finished the 5K run in 37 minutes. I was feeling pretty good having done half of it with 45 pounds on my back, especially since those pounds like to swing her legs a lot. Rebecca and the other kids finished around 45 minutes, not bad for pushing 100 extra pounds. Rebecca told me that Ben had acted as her horn. Anytime they had people in front of them, he would shout, “Get out of the WAY!” Ben and Tim were especially proud of their medals.

To celebrate the race we all when out to Subway for lunch. As a sponsor Subway had given out coupons for free 6-inch subs, which we eagerly took them up on. After lunch, Rebecca and I just about crashed, while the kids all ran outside to play to get so more exercise.


Andrew said...

It was more of a heart walk, then a heart jog, then a heart run. Lots of fun though.

scribbit said...

You're so good to take all the kids. Andrew and David were going to run so I lovingly said, "Hey, have a good time."

In my defense I stayed home and did yardwork and cleaned the garage, so it's not like I was lounging but I felt guilty that we weren't all there supporting them.

Saturday was a busy day.

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