Monday, April 16, 2007

Alaskan Snapshots

This post is for Tyson, my best friend from college. Recently Rebecca (previously mentioned wife) and I were waxing nostalgic and decided to drop him an email since we have not heard from him in years. Well, the email was obsolesce so I had to pull out my crazy Goggle Kung fu and tracked him down.

He has asked for picture of Alaska so here they are:

(Left) Ben, Rebecca, Will, and Gwenna in 2003 going to our secrete blueberry spot located by Turnagain Pass.

(Right) Moose under my window at work.

(Left) Abandoned WWII bunker looking out at Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island.

(Right) Fish rack in Shungnak north of the Arctic Circle along the Kobuk River.

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