Thursday, April 26, 2007

Things I've Learned About Marriage

Rebecca’s and my wedding anniversary is coming up. On Monday, April 30th we will have been married nine years. I can honestly say they have been the most educational years of my life. Here are thirteen things about marriage that I’ve learned in those nine years:

  1. I knew nothing about marriage. There are great examples in my life; my parents and my grandparents, so I thought I knew something about marriage. I was wrong.

  2. Marriage greatly increased my standard of living. Before I was married I lived in an apartment with six guys. I thought we were clean and lived well, and then I saw how the other half lived. It’s really things like decorations on the wall, cleaning regularly, and not eating the same thing all week.

  3. Jane Austin is actually pretty cool. In nine years I have seen five versions of Pride and Prejudice. Being married has introduced me to many new things.

  4. Marriage is not as easy, but it is more than worth it. I was off on the cost/benefits analysis on both sides of the equations.

  5. I am less perfect, and she is better. Marriage has a way of holding up a mirror to all your flaws for closer inspection. Rebecca faired better than me.

  6. There is a lot more sharing and sharing is more fun.

  7. Women use a LOT more toilet paper than men do. I still have not figured out why, but it is true by a factor or two.

  8. My wife gets more beautiful each day. My father always said this about my mom. I respected him for it. I trusted him, but I did not understand how it was possible until it happened to me.

  9. Rebecca really is my best friend. She has been there and done more than any other friend. There is no other person I would rather spend time with than her.

  10. Back massages cover a multitude of sins. Every husband should learn this. Remember for best results do it early and often.

  11. We knew nothing about being in love. We thought we loved each other when we got married, but comparatively we did not even know the meaning of love. I didn’t know I could love someone this much. Love is like concrete it grows stronger over time.

  12. If you don’t plan to be romantic you won’t be. Scheduling a regular date night or writing on your calendar to buy flowers will make you the most romantic husband in the world.

  13. It’s going to last forever and I couldn’t be happier. We agreed at the beginning divorce was not going to be an option. Still marriage was a great unknown and I was filled with my own uncertainties. Now, nine years later I can clearly see us growing old and being together forever. Nothing makes me happier or is more comforting than that.


Christie said...

way to make a hormonal pregnant woman cry!!!! seriously, that is such a sweet list. congratulations on your wonderful years of marriage and the wonderful years to come!

Journeywoman said...

Really beautiful list.

Congratulations on your 9 years, and the rest of them too.

Qtpies7 said...

thats so sweet! Did you mess up and need to make points with the sweetie? LOL
I hope my boys learn all that early in their marraiges.

Robin said...

What a beautiful list.Here's to many more happy years.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wise, wise words. I've been married ten years now and I have to agree totally with everything you've said.

(oh, about the TP -- remember, we sit. *wink*)

Ni Yachen said...

qtpies7 - No, I did not. Though that only works when you do it at non-mess up times.

Susan - I've factored that in the calculations. It just doesn't add.

The Rock Chick said...

Wondeful list!! Happy anniversary and many, many more!
My 15th is in 2 weeks! Can't believe it!!!

Jessica The Rock Chcik

scribbit said...

Well look at you with your seven comments--how cool.

You're a regular mommyblogger!

Mel said...

I was touched. Thanks.