Monday, April 16, 2007

By Way of Introduction

By way of introduction, this is the blog of Ni Yachen. Yes, that is my name . . . in a way. It was my name for two years while I lived in Taiwan. I have found it very convenient for use on the web. It’s always available as a user name or address. It’s also honest as well as discrete.

Since Taiwan, I have moved around until I was able to settle back down in my native Alaska in 2002. I am married to a wonderful woman and have five children. For purpose of this blog, our last name is Ni. Thus Ni Jia can be translated as Ni Family. I work as a civil engineer and travel around the Last Frontier a lot.

I am still working out the intended audience, and thus the content, for this blog. The current prevailing opinion is that I will post for family and friends. (If some web denizens are amused then all the better.) Updates will focus on the comings and goings, stories, adventures, and so on of the Ni family. There may also include the occasional musings from me. . Between family life, village hoping, and the general mayhem that is my life, I should have no shortage of material to report. Though I probably will have a shortage of time. For now I will try to post something most days, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday.

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laura g. said...

Lovely pics! Such interesting places you've been!