Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dinner Conversations: Women's Expo & Robot Babies

Dinner at our house is always loud, often silly, and never boring. Rebecca and I are always cracking up at the conversations overheard at our dinner table. This one started last night right after the food had been passed out.

Rebecca: Do you mind if I take Xianli (4-month old daughter), and maybe Gwenna (5-year old daughter), with me to the Women’s Expo they are having on Saturday.

Me: Sure, no problem. I’ll look after the boys.

William (7-year old son): What’s a women’s expo?

Me: Is that where they expose women?

Rebecca tries to ignore that comment while giving a look like, “you’re lucky the kids aren’t old enough to catch that one.”

Rebecca: It is where businesses who sell items for women come together to show them off . . .

Me: Like babies. You can buy and sell babies there. Mom is going to take Xianli down to see what we can get for her.

William: Really, Dad?

Me: Oh yeah. A healthy baby can fetch up to forty thousand dollars.

Rebecca: We are not going to sell Xianli. . . . But they do sell robotic parts for babies. I going to see what kind of cyborg parts we can get for Xian.

William: Why would we want to have a robot baby!?!

Me: William, if you have to ask that question you have not thought it through. WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT A ROBOT BABY?

At this point Rebecca turns with a smile and says, “I love your responds to that question.” See why I love her so much. The conversations then headed off into other silly directions with lots of laughter. We were lucky no one spewed their drinks that night.

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