Friday, May 04, 2007

Driving Conversations: Living In a Tae Kwon World

This conversation happened on Wednesday while I was dropping Will off at school on the way to work.

Will: That lady behind us in the white car looks like grandma.

Me: Really? I look and it does kind of look like my mom.

Me: Which grandma?

Will: The one that lives in a tae kwon do?

Me: What?

Will: The grandma that lives in a tae kwon do?

At this point my mind is racing around trying to find a connection. Tae kwon do = Rex’s Tae kwon do school = Napoleon Dynamite = Idaho = my grandmother who lives in Downey, Idaho.

Me: Do you mean Great Grandma who lives in Idaho?

Will: No, the one who lives in tae kwon do.

Me: Do you mean my parents who live in Anchorage or mom’s who live in Arizona?

Will: Neither, the ones who live in tae kwon do.

Me: Will, those are your only grandparents.

Will: No Dad, there are the ones that live in tae kwon do.

OK! I realize I am going at this the wrong way. Time to change directions.

Me: Will, I don’t understand tae kwon do. Tae kwon do is a martial art form . . . like
karate. Is that what you mean?

Will: NO! You know tae kwon do is a place that you live where it has a rope to pull if you need help.

What the crap?

Me: What did you say?

Will: The ones that live in a tae kwon do . . . pause . . . a tai con do . . . pause . . . a kwondo.

Me: CONDO! Do you mean a CONDO?

Will: Yes, that’s it a condo!

Me: Aaaah! You mean Great Grandpa and Grandma Ni?

My grandparents just moved out of their house where they have lived for fifty years into a retirement community. I still have not seen their new condo, but Will has.

Will: Yeah.

Me: Oh Yeah, I totally see it. She does look like Great Grandma Ni.

At this point, the lady in the white car passed us as we turned right to Will’s school.

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