Friday, May 18, 2007

Driving Conversations: Knock! Knock!

When I was a Cubmaster I was always collecting cheesy jokes, the kind boys like, such as knock-knock jokes and silly puns. Ever since our kids, especially William, have been making up their own jokes and trying them on us. The jokes are kind of hit or miss. Here are a couple ‘hits’ from a while back when I was driving William to school.

Joke 1
Will: What is a shark’s favorite dessert?

Me: I don’t know. What is a shark’s favorite dessert? By the way that is the only allowable response to any joke question.

Will: Octo-pie!

Joke 2
Will: What is a whale’s favorite lunch?

Me: I don’t know. What is a whale’s favorite lunch?

Will: Krill cheese sandwiches!

He really was in good form that day and had me cracking up. After that most of William’s jokes were sea/food oriented.

William has a really silly and dry sense of humor. He will say really ridiculous things so seriously that you think he is being serious. The twinkle in his eye or that goofy grin of his is what usually gives him away. He did again this morning over breakfast.

Will: I wish we were professional rhyme makers.

Me: What? Does he mean rappers and how would he know what rap is?

Will: I wish were were professional rhyme makers. Then we could go all over the world performing rhymes in circuses. We would be famous and would perform behind a curtain like this . . .

He then launches into a rendition of “rain rain go away” complete with some hand actions. He described how we would make it appear as if rain was falling from finger tips. I just stared at him. Then he gave one of his big smiles and we both started laughing. He is so weird and I love it. (The picture if from a year ago when Will was in a school play. He was a radish. We call this shot Radish N Da Hood. Maybe this is why he wants to be a professional rhyme maker.)

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