Monday, May 14, 2007

Beats Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday, after breakfast I packed up the fishing gear and the kids and we headed to Kincaid Park. We stopped at one of our favorite in-town fishing spots, Little Campbell Lake. When we got out of the car several large fish jumped and made big splashes. That got the kids all excited. We went out on to the dock and fished for close to an hour. We saw several fish jump and even had a large one follow a lure, but we didn’t catch anything. It probably would have been better earlier in the morning.

A stiff wind was blowing across the lake. It was cold and we hadn’t brought warm enough jackets. So we packed up to head home. Just as we were about to climb in the car, Will suggested we go for a hike. So we headed out along one of the many trails that looped around the lake.

We had a wonderful hike. The kids, except for Tim, hiked the whole two miles by themselves. Each time the kids complained about being tired we stopped. Except instead of resting they ran around exploring. There were just too many spruce cones, stick swords, and cool stumps for them to sit around resting.

William correctly identified mother and baby moose tracks that ran along the trail. We followed them for a while until they headed off in the wrong direction. The kids also found a bunch of dried cow parsnip stocks. The hollow stocks stood taller then most of the kids. They made perfect walking sticks and later, as the kids found out, swords.

It didn’t take long for the kids to warm. There was no wind in the woods. So they quickly shed the extra layers they had put on while fishing. Guess who ended up carrying all the coats.

We had a lot of fun hiking. We even got back home before lunch. It was a good way to start a Saturday morning. This morning William said we have to go hiking next weekend.

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Scribbit said...

How fun, it was the father-son campout this weekend at Gorsuch so the men were out playing too while I slept in. Lovely MOther's Day present!