Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Art of Being a Dad

One of the best things about fatherhood is being able to play with your kids. They should be wrestling on the floors, having doll tea parties, or telling silly stories. It is the fun part of being a father. If you are doing it right your kids will know it. It also can be an art form where you get to use your imagination and talents to have fun with them.

I recently was introduced to a website where a father has truly turned fatherhood into an art form. He is a father who spends his lunch breaks drawings on his kids lunch bags for the following day. Each day he posts his creations on his tumbleblog. These are the coolest lunch bags ever. My kids thought so too. We had a lot of fun picking out the characters and pop references. They picked out their favorites:

William: Pikachu.

Gwenna:Hair Band Unicorn.

Benjamin: Roger, Roger.

My favorite was probably the Surfing Samurai Squid or Armor Mothra, though it technically wasn't a lunch bag. Now, I have to get going . . . I need to find some paper bags and crayons.

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