Monday, March 02, 2009

Alaskan Winter Barbeque

We have been having a lot of adventures and misadventures moving into our new house. We finally moved out of our three bedrooms into a four bedroom. That is a lot bigger than it sounds. We have room to grow and remodel. Plus there is a real yard.

So last weekend we rushed to move out of our old house. And this week we have been working on make the new house a home. It has been a lot of work and late nights. On Friday, we found out that we were not supposed to have taken our washer and dryer. Oops! They were part of the sale of our old house. So Saturday I spent half the day getting a truck and hauling them back to our old house. I got to meet the buyers for the first time. They were really nice and made it easy. When I got back I continued the unpacking and organizing that seems unending when you move into a new house.

While unpacking, I found our little propane barbeque. Rebecca had some steaks and asparagus, so we decided to barbeque. Of course it was February in Alaska. And it was about 20 degrees outside. And it was in the middle of a snow storm which dumped over eight inches on us.
Timothy and Benjamin helped me set up the barbeque on the back deck and cook everything. We had to shovel the deck just so the barbeque wasn’t under the snow. The boys had me make up a story about Miss Tongs and Mickey Knife, a story of forbidden love. The steaks and asparagus turned out fine. We had a blast as the snow whirled around us. So the adventures and fun are beginning again in our new home.

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