Friday, April 03, 2009

Mad Max: Beyond Pinewood Derby

William had his pinewood derby this week. He designed his car all by himself. He even built most of it himself. I helped with the bandsaw because I wanted him to keep his fingers. But he did all the sanding, painting, and gluing. He really surprised us with his creativity. It came out kind of "medieval meets post-apocalyptic future". Rebecca called it Mad Max: Beyond Pinewood Derby.

The name really cracked me up. We were coming back from his den meeting last week. I asked him what he wanted to name his car. He jokingly asked for our 20,001 Baby Name books. I thought he was serious so I said, "sure, but what are you going to name it . . . Bob?" We laughed about silly names for the car. I said I had seen Grendel in our baby book. That got us talking about weird names and their meanings. I mentioned the name "Lilith" and how it meant "night hag" and its mythology. Yah it's true, go on and google it. And by the way, who would ever name their girl Lilith. Will thought it was cool name for a car. I didn't think anything about it until he showed us the final painting job. The name does match the car. He had the coolest looking car at the race.

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