Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Caswell Creek, Alaska

Caswell Creek Reflecting CloudsTwo Fridays ago I was at my parents' cabin and William, Ben, and I jumped on a four wheeler and drove up the highway to Caswell Creek. Caswell Creek is a sleepy little clear water creek located near mile 85 on the Parks Highway. I say sleepy because 99% of the time I head down there I never see anyone else, but one-percent of the time when the salmon are in thick, its banks are covered with people. I have to confess. I headed down there to see if the king salmon had come in early. There wasn't a fish to be seen, but I got lucky. It was a perfect day for taking pictures and I certainly took home my limit in photos.

I chose this photo because you can see where the clear water of Caswell Creek meets the silty Susitna River. The dividing line between the two waters is amazing. And for a bonus the clouds reflected off the water nicely. We calls those clouds "Simpsons Clouds" because they look like the clouds in the opening credits of the TV show.
P.S. I finally updated my Flickr site with the recent pictures. I added around 30 new photos.


TorAa said...

What a picture. The mirroring in the water is just fantastic

Nicki Mann said...

Beautiful! I love seeing undisturbed nature.

Rayne said...

This is so beautiful. It looks to perfect to be real, like one of those paintings by Bob Ross. I love how clear the reflections are in the water.
You are right, those clouds do look like the ones in the Simpsons.

Write From Karen said...

Wow, just wow. That would be a PERFECT picture to blow up and frame. That is absolutely stunning.